Santo is best known for its diving, and for good reason.  Santo features the world's best dive wreck.  How do we know it is the best?  We just do.

The SS President Coolidge was a 200 meter (650 foot) luxury cruise ship that was converted to a troop carrier for World War II.  Because it is a cruise ship passages are large and many dives are done without losing visibility to the outside.  It was full of equipment when it sank and it is now a protected marine reserve packed with interesting relics.

Santo features other spectacular dives.  Take a Dive Tour.

Santo isn't just for divers.  Land tours are offered to a variety of special places.  The most popular is the all day Champagne Beach Tour.  Champagne Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It really is special.  The tour gives you 1 or 2 hours at the beach but most tours also include a lot more.  You will see how coconuts are harvested and sold as Copra.  You will visit a blue hole.  You will visit a custom village.  Ask your tour operator for details before you depart.  A new tour on offer is the Mystery Adventure Cave Tour.  Check it out.

Another new activity for tourist is the Mavoonlefu Village Cultural Experience.  Check this out.

Santo has a 9 hole golf course set on the water with amazing views from the elevated tees.  The coconut lined fairways and picturesque setting are the consolation for the diabolical bunkers and evil dog leg on the par 5.  The greens can be a bit treacherous but you will likely be the only players on the course during the week.  Talk to your accommodation provider to arrange transport and a tee time.




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