Property on Aore Island is highly desirable and for good reason.  Properties on the Segond Channel enjoy one of the best waterfronts in the Pacific.  The Segond Channel is open on both ends and the tidal flow keeps it clear for diving and snorkeling.  The channel offers significant protection from rough seas and the Aore side is lee of the prevailing trade winds and remains very calm most of the time.

For Sale here is a waterfront lot that shares these benefits but offers two additional advantages that make it the perfect combination.

This property is zoned commercial/residential so it is ideal for an owner operator business like sport fishing, water based tours or sport diving.

This lot also features one of the best beaches for launching a boat on the island.  The waterfront slopes into the water at a continuous slope well out into deep water allowing launching and retrieval at any tide.

This property comes with a sport fishing/diving boat and complete deep sea fishing gear including 4 off shore rods and reels with nearly 1 kilometer of 80lb test spectra line on each and complete tackle.  Also included are 2 outriggers, safety gear and additional  equipment.

The 7.5 m boat is powered by a 200hp Mercury 2 stroke outboard with less than 50 hours and the cabin features a chemical head.  The electronics include a GPS and depth sounder.  The boat rides on a galvanized trailer.  (Jetty on next property).

The boat is in a boat house on the property and is launched and retrieved by solar powered winch.  The concrete pad of the boat house and ramp to the high water mark is over 150 mm thick and is steel reinforced throughout.

The property has a highly desirable waterfront.  Most shoreline in tropical waters has a reef shelf.  This must be overcome to access the water by boat or barge. 

This property has no reef shelf.  It gently slopes into deep water.  This is a very valuable feature and almost unavailable on Aore.  Borrow a kayak from the resort and see for yourself.

The property is 1500 sq meters and more than 1/3 of an acre.  It has about 40 meters of prime waterfront. 

This property, like all Vanuatu land, is leased and is on a custom land lease with 70 years remaining and current annual ground rent of 18,000 vatu or $225 AUD per year.

Click here for the survey  or here for a slightly better overhead view

Click here for the Google Maps view of Aore.

It is situated close to Aore Island Resort and adjacent to the proposed Waterfront Fisherman’s Wharf development.


All this is available for   $220,000 AUD  Owner financing is available.

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