Bokissa Eco Island Resort

Out on the frontier of the Pacific exists the original coral eco island 'Bokissa' in an atmosphere that's a little wild... and seriously private.

If you long for a mix of adventure and seclusion, big wreck scuba diving and lazy afternoon hammock siestas, marlin fishing and poolside candlelit dinners, private beachfront snorkelling and fine table wines, tropical rainforest walks and air-conditioned private bungalows, then your a could be in a Bokissa mold.

The little things that make a memory special are hard to define. Start with a place where things fit together like they should. A place where people blend. Think of an island where shoes are always optional, jackets and ties are disallowed, lunch and dinner are served to the toll of the island drum, and cocktails have names you never heard of. Ever dreamt of your worries of everyday life being swept away in balmy Melanesian carefree ways. Ever wanted to take someone special with you. Ever thought about the sand in your feet, the warmth of the sun on your skin by day and cool sheets at night.

If you want these things then you must consider this place...

Go ahead and search the Pacific... then come back to make your memories real, at Bokissa Eco Island... outer island of Vanuatu.


Bokissa Eco Island Resort

PO Box 261 Santo, Vanuatu

Ph (678) 36 913  Fax (678) 36 855



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